Used/Vintage Books are Coming to the Shop

Used/Vintage Books

One thing that every booklover has in common is their deep adoration of books! As a shop that caters specifically to booklovers, I have decided to start offering used and vintage books in my shop, in addition to all of my other goods. Sweet Sequels is a real bookstore now!

The books I plan on offering will be a range – mainly classics: some vintage, some pretty editions that I personally love, and some newer editions. I try to find unique covers and highly sought after authors. You most likely won’t be seeing any contemporary or YA books in this shop, just so you know!

Used/Vintage books will be coming to the Sweet Sequels shop on April 1st at 10am. Scroll to the bottom to see some of the books that will be available in this first batch.

I will be adding books to the shop in little batches throughout the month. Let me know if there are any specific editions you are searching for and I will try to find them!

April Drop








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