The Next “Seasons” Poetry Book is Here: Spring

SPRING: Poems and Paintings 

Coming to the shop on Tuesday, March 15th at 10am cst 

I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately: When a new season arrives, I love reading poems that draw out the beauty in the changing landscape. Spring elicits a strong response in me: the fragrant florals, the explosion of the green, the birds wakening from their winter slumbers…It is a magical time. My favorite season.
I found so many poems that capture the essence of Spring in all its glory, and I hope you’ll enjoy every one. 
This little book contains poems celebrating this season of renewal, as well as a collection of my spring paintings. It’s a pocket-size hardcover book, in full color. And if you’re wondering – yes, I’ll be making one for each season! I released Winter last November; it can be purchased here. 
These will be available for purchase in the shop on Tuesday, March 15th at 10am CST. 

Here is one of my favorite poems from Spring: Poems and Paintings

My Garden with Walls
William Brooks
My heart a garden is, a garden walled;
And in the wide white spaces near the gates
Grow tall and showy flowers, sun-loving flowers,
Where they are seen of every passer-by;
Who straightway faring on doth bear the tale
How bright my garden is and filled with sun.
But there are shaded walks far from the gates,
So far the passer-by can never see,
Where violets grow for thoughts of those afar,
And rue for memories of vanished days,
And sweet forget-me-nots to bid me think
With tenderness,—lest I grow utter cold
And hard as women grow who never weep.
And when come times I fear that Love is dead
And Sorrow rules as King the world’s white ways,
I go with friends I love among these beds.
Where friend and flower do speak alike to me,
Sometimes with silences, sometimes with words.
‘Tis then I thank my God for those high walls
That shut the friends within, the world without,
That passers-by may only see the sun.
That friends I love may share the quiet shade.
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