The Illuminated Life Collection

 Hello, friends! I have a brand new art collection to share with you!


The Illuminated Life Collection will be available on Saturday, May 25th at 10am CST.
The Illuminated Life Collection has been months in the making, and I think it’s my favorite collection to date. The collection is heavily influenced by classic art, illuminated manuscripts, the lives of great creatives, and, as always, the True Light who illuminates everything.
A little background about how this collection came to be: In February, I embarked on an apprenticeship with the Great Masters of Art. I decided that to sharpen up my painting skills, I’d begin a project of copying some of my favorite works of classic art onto little 5×7 canvases. After 12 of these paintings, I started sketching some new ideas that had been born in my mind as I contemplated the works I was copying. As such, all of the paintings in this new collection have been inspired in some way by the classics.
My “Magnificat” painting came to life during a sermon from my paster months ago and had been living in my mind all that time, but as I perused some classic art, I found my perfect model of Mary in Bouguereau’s “Ora Pro Nobis.” My chiaroscuro author portraits were inspired by the stark contrasts of Vermeer and Rembrandt, and my hobbit holes were inspired by the rococo attention to detail. “The Road Goes Ever On and On” is my twist on Asher Durand’s “The Beeches”.
Perhaps you can find the influences in the other paintings of the collection, the most obvious being my illuminated portraits and their origin in the illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages.
This collection has been an absolute delight to create. I had a hard start to the year, but immersing myself in the beauty of classic art was wonderfully therapeutic.
Scroll down to preview all of the paintings in this collection. I will be selling prints in all three sizes (5×7, 8×110, and 11×14) of my new original artwork, and 5×7 prints of the copies of the classics that I painted.
In addition to the new art prints, I will also be selling ready-to-hang wood plaques featuring the artwork, bookmarks featuring the artwork, and some original pieces.
The wooden plaques are made by hand by me! The images are printed and sealed onto stained wood, with decorative metal adornments. They each have hanging hardware already installed, so are ready to be hung on your wall as soon as you get them. There are three different sizes. Ready-to-ship plaques are limited in supply, but I will have a custom option in case I sell out of popular designs.
I have ten new bookmark designs. The bookmarks are printed on heavy duty 24pt cardstock with soft touch matte finish. They are slightly wider than average bookmarks.
The 5×7 originals of the classics I copied will be available for purchase with a thrifted frame included. The other originals will not include a frame. All of the original paintings are done on canvas panel with acrylic paints.
Scroll down for a preview of everything. These will all be available on Saturday. Hope to “see” you then!
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