The Daily To-Do Book

A place for your lists

I don’t know about you, but the best way I stay organized is by writing lists. Lists lists lists. Lists for everything.

Generally, these lists fall onto random scraps of paper I find in my studio and are consequently tossed out, lost, or eaten (my baby likes eating paper, iykyk) before I can get proper use out of them.

Thus, the Daily To-Do Book was born. This 150 page notebook contains pages for your to-do lists, and that’s about it. Write down all the things you need to do, check them off when you’re done. There is also space for jotting down your priorities of the day, appointments, and meals. And of course, a place to write down what you are grateful for, because we could all use a little focused thankfulness as we’re slogging through the daily grind.

A special feature in this notebook is that each page has a different painting by yours truly. So you get a little bookish encouragement for each list you write 🙂


PRE-ORDERS will open for this brand new product on February 15th at 10am cst. All pre-ordered To-Do Books will receive a Woodmark from my shop (a new design, made specifically for this occasion). This promo will no longer be available once the planners become available in the shop (anywhere between 2-4 weeks), so make sure you pre-order if you’d like the woodmark.

Pre-orders will take approximately one month to ship.

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