Poems For the Heart: Classic Poems and Paintings for Memorization



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Poems For the Heart: Classic Poems and Paintings for Memorization

“To teach a child to appreciate any form of beauty is to develop his intelligence, and thereby to enlarge his capacity for wholesome enjoyment. It is, therefore, never idle to cultivate a child’s taste…If art is really a factor in society, it seems obvious that the feeling for beauty needs as careful cultivation as the other civic virtues…The child’s mind must be prepared by daily lessons in beauty…”
-Edith Wharton

Children crave beauty. Their hearts yearn for it. One excellent way to expose children to beauty is through the art of the past. Poems and paintings are bite-sized and easily digestible for these little ones whose appetites are so big.

I believe in the importance of incorporating memory work into children’s daily lives, and the best thing to memorize is something that infuses beauty into their consciousness. I’ve created this book of beauty to facilitate memory work and inspire their little spirits. This book isn’t only for children though – all people can benefit from a daily dose of the classics.

Read these poems to memorize or read them simply to enjoy. Study the paintings of bygone days and sit with the joy they bring.

This volume of poetry features 35 poems for memorization from the great masters of literature: Poe, Frost, Wordsworth, Emerson, Dickinson, and more. Each poem is accompanied by a classic painting by a great master of art; paintings are tagged with the title, artist, and year for an easy study. Featured artists include Monet, Van Gogh, Leighton, Homer, Manet, and more.

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