A Fresh New Look for the Read For Your Life Reading Planner

Read for Your Life: A 12-Month Flexible Reading Planner

I first introduced my Read For Your Life Reading Planner two years ago. It has been a best seller in my shop, with hundreds of positive reviews and one reverberating question: When will the next one come out?

This newly designed Read For Your Life Planner is the same planner but with a new look and some fun new features. New and improved!! I’ve updated the Recommended Reading Lists as well as the monthly reading challenges, so every month you’ll have something new to look forward to. AND I’ve added some more coloring pages 🙂 

This planner, which is broken up into 12 sections (without dates) allows for you to list out your monthly TBRs, write out mini or full reviews for each book you read per month, ruminate on the books you read each month in a monthly wrap-up area, and exercise your creativity with monthly bookstack coloring sheets. There is also plenty of extra space for note-taking and areas specified for your favorite quotes!

This planner is 231 pages, full color, and spiral bound. My original illustrations are sprinkled throughout the planner.

PRE-ORDERS will open for this brand new product on February 15th at 10am cst. All pre-ordered planners will receive a matching Woodmark from my shop (a new design, made specifically for this occasion). This promo will no longer be available once the planners become available in the shop (anywhere between 2-4 weeks), so make sure you pre-order if you’d like the woodmark.

Pre-orders will take approximately one month to ship.



A planner with readers in mind.

This flexible 12-month planner was built for readers – each page is focused on different aspects of the reading life.


  • 12 monthly sections without dates
  • Space to write out your reading list
  • Pages for mini reviews and full reviews
  • Bookstack and bookshelf coloring sheets
  • A monthly reading challenge
  • Monthly wrap-ups
  • Original artwork sprinkled throughout

This planner is 231 pages, full color, with a spiral binding.


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