New Product: Bookplates


I am so excited to introduce my newest product that has been in the works for many weeks and in my brain for even longer – bookplates!

The history of bookplates dates way back to the 1500s, and their role in the History of Books is a special one. Back in the day, nobles and barons employeed bookplates as a means of protecting their precious books from theiving fingers. Eventually, authors, artists, and other famed people picked up on the tradition and starting marking the books in their personal library as well. If you find a book with a bookplate from, say, Robert Frost, you have hit the jackpot! Because those books are worth a pretty penny now.

An alternate name for Bookplate is “Ex Libris”, which is Latin for “from the books (or library) of”. Bookplates are generally placed on the first endpage or first blank page of the book.

Some feel that placing stickers in books is defacement; however, bookplates are a timehonored tradition in book culture. 

Use a bookplate; lend your books with ease.

I currently offer bookplates in six of my original designs. Shop for them here.


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