Track Your Reading Thoughts with Book Review Notepads!

Introducing my newest product: Book Review Notepads!

I am so excited to reveal this fun little project I’ve been working on. Book Review Notepads are perfect for jotting down your thoughts when you’ve finished reading a book (or while you’re reading). They can be used for your own personal library, to be kept inside your books upon finishing in order to remind yourself of your initial thoughts before embarking on a reread. Or, you can slip them into books you’ve borrowed or are lending out to friends!

Another fun idea is to use these to jot down your review when you’re giving one of your favorite books to someone as a gift. Pair a review slip and a bookplate with your favorite book, and, Voila!, the perfect gift! Or just gift a blank notepad set to your reader friends – we all know they’ll appreciate it 🙂

I have two styles of these notepads right now: A longer, more detailed review and a quick book review design with enough room to just jot down some thoughts. Both notepads contain 25 sheets each.

The designs of these notepads are very similar to pages that can be found in my reading planner, the Read for Your Life Planner. If you like the idea of tracking your reading in a more organized fashion, be sure to check out my planner! In addition to pages for book reviews, there are lots of other fun features, like color pages, favorite quotes, tbr lists, monthly reading challenges and more!

These notepads will be available in the shop on September 18th at 10am CST. 

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