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The Story Girl by LM Montgomery – Sweet Sequels Out of Print Collection


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Sweet Sequels Out of Print Collection

The Story Girl by LM Montgomery with cover art by Haleigh DeRocher

This is the complete and unabridged text of LM Montgomery’s novel, The Story Girl. This edition is available exclusively in the Sweet Sequels shop. This beautiful hardcover edition features original cover art. It measures 6×9.

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After rising to immediate fame for her first novel, Anne of Green Gables, in 1908, L.M. Montgomery embarked on a journey of self-reflection in the writing of her lesser known novel, The Story Girl (published in 1911).  Montgomery, who had spent her youth among a Scottish-Canadian family, was inspired by her own heritage and upbringing to write the character of Sara Stanley. In Montgomery’s youth, the dramatic tellings of Scottish myths and legends were a central part of family entertainment, and her love for story-telling was born of this tradition. It’s thought that Montgomery wrote Sara Stanley as an idealized version of her adolescent self. While all of Montgomery’s novels were popular during her lifetime, some of them have faded into near obscurity, with The Story Girl being one of them. Though less widely read than her popular Anne and Emily series, The Story Girl (the first of a duology), reflects the optimistic and mirthful spirit of her other works. Montgomery once reflected that this was her favorite story she had yet written.

From the back:

“I do like a road, because you can be always wondering what is at the end of it.”

Sara Stanley, known to everyone as The Story Girl, seems to have magic in her voice as she weaves stories that are impossible to resist. In the old-fashioned town of Carlisle on Prince Edward Island, children flock to her to hear her fanciful tales. When Bev and Felix King arrive for the summer, they too are captivated. A group of eight children, made up of cousins and friends, spend a vivid and imaginative summer together with The Story Girl as their leader. 

This exquisitely written narrative is at once the record of the joys and petty sorrows of childhood and the celebration of the limitless imagination of a born story-teller. Though one of L.M. Montgomery’s lesser known works, she considered it to be one of her favorites, and it reflects the same optimistic, mirthful spirit of her more popular works. 

This exciting title is now available with beautiful cover art by Haleigh DeRocher, found exclusively at

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