TAPESTRY – We Can’t Behave Like People in Novels, Though, Can We?



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We Can’t Behave Like People in Novels, Though, Can We?

This tapestry pictures an open book and a background of hydrangeas.

Though many book lovers wish to be like their favorite characters, Edith Wharton reminds us in her famous novel Age of Innocence, that we are not to behave like our fictional friends. The perfect gift for any bibliophile.

These tapestries are made on a heavyweight sateen fabric that is 100% natural cotton. It has a subtle sheen and a beautiful drape. These fabric wall hangings are not the thin polyester tapestries you are used to! All edges are finished. Designs featured are my original paintings that I made with acrylic paint and ink on muslin fabric. After painting, I enlarge the designs and get them printed onto fabric. Tapestry measurements are approximate, but they generally measure about 50×56″. Tapestries are handmade by me, not a manufacturer; there may be imperfections that come with handmade items.

Tapestry wall hangings can be hung up in several ways. Most of my tapestries include a slip pocket along the top length for inserting a dowel or curtain rod. They can also be hung by simply nailing into the wall or using drapery clips.
**Please note that most of my map tapestries do not include the slip pocket along the top.

Tapestries are made to order and take up to four weeks to complete and ship out.

If your tapestry gets dirty, the first thing I would do is spot wash it with a damp rag. If that’s not enough, machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water. Tumble dry low heat. You can iron the material, but I recommend using a low heat setting and ironing the backside rather than the printed side.


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