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Oh Holy Night Blanket with Snowy Owl Fur backing. Featuring my original artwork.

This listing is for a READY-TO-SHIP Oversized blanket.


The front of my book blankets are adorned with my uniquely designed illustrations that have been digitally printed onto fabric. The backs of these blankets are either flannel, minky, velvet, or faux fur. I sew the two pieces of fabric together with my sewing machine. It is not a quilt, so there is no inner batting layer or stitching over the top. The blankets are top-stitched around the edges to create a finished look.

The original throws and some oversized throws have a cotton top. The baby size and oversized throw size have a minky top. The color/pattern of the back fabric (flannel, minky, or faux fur) will vary with each blanket drop.

Please note: My artwork is hand-painted and has never been digitally altered – so you might see crooked lines or random specks of color. The colors may also look different on your computer screen than they look in person.


The pre-order Oversized blankets are made with a custom minky fabric for the top, featuring my original artwork. The Throw Sized blanket are also made with a custom printed fabric featuring my artwork, but they are made with a cotton top rather than minky, making them lighter weight and more similar in feel to a quilt. The backing fabric of the pre-order blankets is faux minky fur.

FAUX FUR: This is a warm, plush fabric. I use minky fur which is velvety and soft and reminiscent of bunny fur. Fur backed blankets are my warmest blankets and are great for colder weather.


Child – 54″ by 36″, a smaller blanket perfect for little ones. (minky top)

Original Throw – 40″ by 70″, the perfect size to throw over your couch or reading chair. Also great for traveling. (cotton top)

Oversized Throw – 54″ by 70″, the perfect size for sharing. (minky top)


I recommend washing in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle in order to prevent color fading and to keep your blanket in tip top shape. Dry on low or medium heat. If wrinkly, simply throw into the dryer for a quick refresh.

**For size reference: An Oversized Throw blanket can lay flat on a queen size bed with none of the blanket edges going off the bed. It is NOT bed spread size, it is simply a large throw blanket.

***Measurements are approximate and can vary based on patterning.


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