Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, Illustrated by Haleigh DeRocher



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Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton with illustrations by Haleigh DeRocher

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This is the complete and unabridged text of the American classic, Ethan Frome. This beautiful hardcover edition features original cover art and several full color illustrations of my original paintings. This edition is available exclusively on my website, but a paperback black and white edition can be purchased on Amazon. It measures 6×9.

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From the back:

Ethan Frome has spent too many winters in Starkfield. Trapped in a loveless marriage with a bitter woman, his days lack hope – until Mattie Silver arrives. Young, a breath of fresh air, she captures Ethan’s frozen heart and begins to thaw him out. But the struggle between duty and love proves to be one that is too much to bear…

This poignant portrait of love and misery has captured readers since it was first published in 1911. Wharton took inspiration for this novel from her own experience among the villagers of the New England countryside, a stark contrast to the colorful yet vacuous society of the New York elite. And yet she proves that people of all backgrounds are vulnerable to immense suffering unique only to the human condition.

This edition has been lovingly brought to life with original illustrations by Haleigh DeRocher. Also included in this edition are supporting materials about Edith Wharton and the books she wrote.



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