Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery – The Classic Art Collection



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Anne of Green Gables by by L.M. Montgomery – The Classic Art Collection

This is the complete and unabridged text of the beautiful coming of age story, Anne of Green Gables.

Cover art: Sunlight and Shadow by Winslow Homer, painted in 1872.

For an illustrated edition of this book, click here.


“’Dear old world,’ she murmured, ‘you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you…”

Nestled in the lush, rolling hills of Prince Edward Island is Green Gables, the cozy farmstead home of aging siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. When Matthew and Marilla decide to adopt an orphan boy to help out with chores, they are shocked and dismayed to realize they’d been sent a little girl – a lively, talkative, imaginative, freckled, red-haired little girl named Anne (with an “e”) Shirley. The lives of the Cuthberts are forever changed as they – rather reluctantly – let Anne into their hearts. 

This charming coming-of-age story has captured hearts since it was published in 1908.


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