100 Classics to Read in Your Lifetime – Literary Checklist Poster


Introducing Literary Checklists by Sweet Sequels!

100 Classic Novels to Read in Your Lifetime

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I have carefully and lovingly curated this list of 100 classic novels that all people should read in their lifetime! The novels on this list cover a wide range of literature, from The Divine Comedy (written in the 1300s) to 100 Years of Solitude (published in 1967). I’ve included American literature, British literature, Russian literature, Victorian, Realist, Naturalist, Modernist, and everything in between! I love the idea of having a trackable list of the books I still want/need to read.

These Literary Checklists combine beauty and functionality, and are a must-have for any book lover or bookish parent!

The posters themselves measure 13×19 inches. They are professionally printed in my home studio on matte poster paper with archival inks. Each one features 10 of my original paintings. Available for purchase both separately and as a bundle.


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