Next Book Sleeve Drop: July 1st

BOOK SLEEVE DROP: July 1st at 10am CST

Book sleeves are up for grabs on Thursday, July 1st! There are about twenty total, and each one has two of my original designs, one on the front and one on the back.  I have both XL size sleeves (can fit larger books like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and Regular size sleeves (perfectly fit my exclusive Illustrated Editions). The sleeves have a variety of different cozy linings – minky and faux fur. All amazing! And all super comfy for your books.

What in the world is a book sleeve, you ask? Well let me tell you! A book sleeve is a protective pouch meant to protect your books from damage if you often take them places with you. Now when you throw your book into your bag, you can put it in a book sleeve first. No more creased pages, bent corners, and scuffed covers! Absolutely essential accessory for the book lover. These sleeves can also be used for e-readers, tablets, and other gadgets.

Scroll through the photos below for a preview of all of the sleeves that will be available on Thursday. For even more details, head over to my Instagram page.

Sweet Sequels Book Sleeve Drop








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