Keep Track of Classics You Want to Read: Literary Checklist Posters

Introducing my newest product, Literary Checklist Posters!

These posters have been a fun passion project for me, and I am so excited to share them with the world.

The idea was born one day when I was sitting with my newest classic book in hand, thinking about how nice it would be to have a checklist of all of the important classic books I wanted to read. Why not just make one?? I thought to myself. As I started curating my list, I realized that I also NEEDED to do a Children’s Books list as well, so that I could easily refer to and check off the books we are reading/wanting to read.

So the first poster is titled 100 Classics to Read in Your Lifetime. This list contains a wide range of books, from The Divine Comedy (published in 1320) to 100 Years in Solitude (published in 1967). It has British literature, American literature, Russian literature, Victorian, Romanticism, Realism, Modernism, and everything in between! Basically, it is a mixture of my favorite classic novels (about 50%) and the classic novels I haven’t read yet that I have always wanted to (about 50%)!

I did my best to include all of the important authors. Some authors got more than one book, because I do feel like when you read multiple books by the same author you are able to have a more nuanced perspective of their works, both individually and as a whole. So, as you peruse this list and come upon an author where I’ve only listed one book, be sure to do a little research and pick out a couple of other titles by them as well! I probably could have made this list twice as long….but I had to cut it off somewhere. Haha!

The second poster is titled 100+ Books to Read with Your Kids. It, too, covers a wide range of books, from Newbery Prize winners and contemporary middle grade to classic children’s lit and classic literature. This list is not directed at a certain age, and can/should be used throughout your child’s life at home (ages 4-18)! You’ll just have to look through the list and choose the ones that are age appropriate for your child.

I don’t think that “growing out” of being read aloud to exists. There is a special power in reading stories with your children, and I want to encourage it as a permanent habit rather than a passing phase. So some of these books are appropriate for toddlers, while others are appropriate for high schoolers. But all of them are absolutely delightful – and even if you don’t have children to read them to, I highly recommend reading them for yourself 🙂 

These Literary Checklists combine beauty and functionality, and are a must-have for any book lover or bookish parent! 

The posters themselves measure 13×19 inches. They are professionally printed in my home studio on matte poster paper with archival inks. Each one features 10 of my original paintings. Available for purchase both separately and as a bundle.

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