Memorization Tools: Prayer Cards, Scripture Cards, and Biblical Truths Cards

Memorization Cards

Coming to the shop on Friday, July 1st at 10am cst 

I have been working on a special new products for several weeks, and I am excited to finally share them with you all. I have long desired to start incorporating more memory work into my children’s lives, and I desperately wanted it to be aesthetic – a beautiful experience not just for the mind but for the soul and spirit as well. I wanted something structured and pleasant; something we will look forward to incorporating into our everyday lives.
By encouraging children to dwell on Truth and Beauty through scripture, prayers, classic poems/literature, and classic art, we bolster them with an armor that is essential in the battle for their souls. Modern culture is replete with wickedness and ugliness, and it vies for our children. Television, video games, social media, modern music – all of these flashy, immersive, quick ways to entertainment and mindlessness, so focused on filth, sexual immorality, personal gratification…It is all too easy to become absorbed into it. Which is why equipping our children with Truth and Beauty from an early age is so important.
Offer them bible verses to store in their hearts so they can pull them out whenever they’re in need. Help them build the foundation of a deep understanding of the Christian faith, the bulwarks for defending it later. Give them words to express their longings, fears, desires, and gratitude to God. 
The three Memorization Card Sets will be available as instant downloads as well as physical cards that come laminated and ready to use.
Scripture to Memorize Card Set includes 24 cards, each with a different bible verse.
Prayers to Memorize Card Set includes 8 cards, each with a different Christian prayer.
Biblical Truths to Memorize Card Set includes 8 cards, each with a set of Biblical truths (the 10 Commandments, Attributes of God, etc)
Be sure to also check out my new Poems For the Heart book, featuring classical poems and classical paintings for memorizations, to infuse our children’s minds and spirits with the Beauty of bygone days.
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