I illustrated a book! Summer by Edith Wharton

Summer by Edith Wharton, with illustrations by Haleigh DeRocher

It’s finally ready! Summer by Edith Wharton is one of my favorite books, and I have had the pleasure of creating a beautiful illustrated edition to offer to you! If you haven’t read this book, I hope you do. It is a lovely albiet sad story of disappointed love and sacrifice, set in the lush summer landscape of rural Massachusetts. This edition features original cover art and thirteen full color illustrations. It is available exclusively on my website, and will be available for pre-order starting on July 1st. All pre-ordered books will recieve a free bookplate.

A paperback, black and white edition can be purchased on Amazon.

The book measures 6×9. 


From the back:

Seventeen-year-old Charity Royall is pining for change when a charming young architect from the city, Lucius Harney, walks into the derelict library she tends. He immediately captures her heart. Like the lush, summery Berkshires landscape surrounding them, Charity’s romance with Lucius is idyllic. But harsh realities soon set in – from the material deprivation of her impoverished hometown to her mysterious origins on “the Mountain”, Charity is met with obstacle after obstacle. 

Known as Edith Wharton’s personal favorite and most sensational novel, Summer (1917) is a compelling and provocative coming of age story that remains profoundly relevant to our time. To sum it up, Summer is a tour de force – the embodiment of light, ever threatened by impending darkness.

This edition has been lovingly brought to life with original illustrations by Haleigh DeRocher. Also included in this edition are supporting materials about Edith Wharton and the books she wrote.

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