February Exclusive Tee and Bundle: Good Endings


“Books ought to have good endings.” – JRR Tolkien

The exclusive design for February is my original painting “Good Endings“,¬†inspired by the great works of JRR Tolkien.

There is never a time that is not a good time for Tolkien, am I right or am I right??! His epic trilogy, Lord of the Rings, is the perfect escape. There is so much beauty and depth in the adventures of Frodo and Sam and the rest of the fellowship. This quote speaks to me in many ways. Good endings do not have to mean happy endings, but rather endings in which we learn something. I feel like life is the same way; we are living one big adventure story, and though all of our endings may not be happy, we all have the opportunity to find the good in them.

The Exclusive Bundles this month will come in two sizes: the Basic and the Book Lover’s.

Included in the Basic Bundle:

Included in the Book Lover’s Bundle: All of the above, PLUS a surprise, thrifted edition of a book by or about JRR Tolkien. The title will be a surprise, and will be something different for everyone. Some possibilities for the book are: The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, a Tolkien biography, etc. If you do have a preference or specification as to which book you receive please feel free to email me at hello@sweetsequels.com after you place your order!

The exclusive tees and bundles will be available on February 1st at 10am cst, and will only be in the shop for the month of February.

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