Digital Download of the Week (4/25-5/1): A Thousand Lives

A reader lives a thousand lives.

-George RR Martin

This is the Digital Print of the Week : A Thousand Lives

I have to say, I feel sorry for the people who have to endure this period of social distancing without books. What do people who don’t read do? How do they survive??? I am so thankful to be able to travel to the moors of England, the Gilded Age of New York, the hills of Cornwall, the dark halls of a mysterious castle, the magical world of Narnia – all at the turning of a page. Those of us who read cannot be quarantined, we cannot be kept inside – in books there is liberation. What a beautiful thing.

The Digital Print of the Week is a special weekly deal I’ve started doing where I select one print to be $0.50. A new print is selected for the deal every Saturday. Digital downloads of my artwork can be found over on Etsy. I have a plethora of prints to choose from, many of them ones I don’t offer in my main shop anymore.

I hope my art can bring you some joy.

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