Book Planner Pocket-books

Introducing book planner pocket-books

The Book Reviews Pocket-book

The Reading Log Pocket-book

And The TBR (To Be Read) Pocket-book

These softcover, pocket sized notebooks were born of a desire to create a quick, portable way to jot down my thoughts/tbr/books read without having to lug around a 300 page planner.

Each mini book contains 100 pages. The book review notebook has space for 50 full reviews! I love the idea of having all of my reviews in one place. Likewise, having a book solely devoted to both my TBR and my books read will be super helpful. These three books are basically Goodreads in your pocket. Perfect for people who love Goodreads, but want something a little less techy ☺️

And the best part is the beautiful bookish illustrations on the covers!

These pocket-books will be available on April 1st.

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