Our response to COVID-19: Free Add-On Scrub Caps and Face Masks

With the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) across the country, I have decided to do what I can to provide necessary items to people in need – with that fun and bookish Sweet Sequels flair!

I have been busy at work in my home studio the last few days making scrub caps and face masks. These will be available as FREE Add-On items in my shop as supplies last.

Add-On listings will be available starting on Saturday, April 11th at 8am CST.



I have no interest in monetizing the pandemic. The coronavirus has left no one unscathed, and everyone is feeling the burdens of fear, stress, and unmet needs. So I don’t want people to feel additional financial stress when purchasing things they need to feel safe.

Because I am a business (also feeling the strain of the economic collapse) I do have to charge a shipping fee. That being said, you can purchase these items on their own and just pay a flat rate shipping fee OR you can purchase with another item from my shop and the add-ons will be at no additional cost to your order.

I dearly appreciate your business and would love it if you bought something alongside the free items, but it is in no way a requirement, and if you only want a free mask or cap at this time that is totally fine.



The CDC has recommended that all citizens wear protective face coverings when going out in public. My face masks are made with two layers of cotton quilting fabric and have tiebacks made with jersey. They ARE NOT medical grade, and if you are a healthcare professional or frequently encounter sick individuals I recommend using medical grade, CDC approved face masks.

These face masks are appropriate for going to the grocery store or pharmacy. Social distancing guidelines of staying 6 feet away from other individuals, washing hands frequently, and staying at home unless absolutely necessary are still recommended even while wearing a face mask.



Scrub caps and similar head coverings are essential protective euipment for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers. Scrub caps are used to cover and hold back the hair. Like scrubs and gloves, these head coverings help keep the working areas sterilized and free from contamination. Please consider ordering if you are a healthcare worker or know a healthcare worker whose day would be brightened by a fun, bookish scrub cap.

My scrub caps are a unisex fit with a tie back, foldable brim (to adjust size), and an elastic closure at the back. They are made with one layer of cotton fabric (no lining) and zigzag stitched along the seams.



When ordering an add-on scrub cap or face mask from Sweet Sequels, the design you end up getting will be a surprise, picked out by me and largely dependent on what is left in stock. Most of the designs are bookish, and some are made with fabric I have designed. Others are floral, gender neutral, etc. The add-on masks and caps are made in batches and are ready to ship. I will make more as I can, but if they are sold out that means I don’t have any left that are pre-made.

These will ship out as quickly as possible, but please note: If you order an item alongside the free add-on item that takes longer or is not pre-made, the order will ship out according to the shipping time of the other item. Ex. Pre-order shirts take 2-3 weeks, so if you order this with a pre-order shirt it will ship at the same time as the shirt. If ordered with a ready to ship item like an in stock shirt, mug, journal, print, bookmark, etc, orders will ship in 3-7 days.


I hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and keeping up the good faith. Remember, even in times of outer turmoil and darkness, the good Lord is still sovereign. 


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

– Joshua 1:9

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