A New Venture: The Out of Print Collection

My newest venture: The Sweet Sequels Out of Print Collection, book one ?

I’ve decided to start printing my own beautiful editions of books that are currently out of print or rarely printed from traditional publishers. These books are difficult/impossible to find on bookstore shelves, and will be sold exclusively on my website. If you have any suggestions for Out of Print books you’d like for me to include in my collection, let me know!

The first book in this collection is The Valley of Decision, Edith Wharton’s first novel, published in 1902. 

From the back: 

“But what he wanted now were books which appealed not to his reason but to his emotions, which reflected as in a mirror the rich and varied life of the senses: books that were warm to the touch, like the little volume in his hand…”

The Valley of Decision, Edith Wharton’s first published novel (1902), is a historical fiction set in northern Italy during the time leading up to the French Revolution. Odo Valsecca, a young Italian raised by peasants, is plucked from poverty and dropped into the lap of luxury as the newly named heir to his cousin, a duke. Forced to choose between conflicting loyalties – those to the forces of social reform with which he allied himself before he came to power, or those of the feudal tradition to which he belongs by blood – Odo must recreate himself…

Though one of her most important and distinguished novels, The Valley of Decision has garnered little appreciation, despite its initial success. This formerly out of print title is now available with beautiful cover art by Haleigh DeRocher, found exclusively at sweetsequels.com.

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